My friend was reading my text posts in an annoying person voice and i have low self esteem now thats how it works and its all her fault.

Just broke a wall in my house with my butt not kidding do you guys think im a turd

Ill miss you connecticut!!!! Jk

Ill miss you connecticut!!!! Jk

my friend called me a bitch and i said “trigger warning” do i seem fun to hang out w answer asap

read something i wrote when i was depressed and was like, “WOAH everyone who says depression breeds the greatest art is an asshole!!!”

That type of white boy who listens to mix tapes and would rather die than have people find out he has vampire weekend on his ipod…

The cool think about poison oak is that its basically just a test of self control and i dont have that so now its all over my body.

Started watching the taylor swift music video and then stopped cause i realized i dont need any more reasons to hate taylor swift. I feel like any one who like champions her as some sort of female entrepreneur is like just so lame. I also dont really think theres anything you can logically defend about her, her music video uses images of black culture as a way to denounce “vapid” popular culture and is not only inherently racist but is also no longer an original or “ground breaking” opinion to have and makes her seem derivative of people who were already lame and ultimately like a washed up celebrity who has no more tricks left and is desperate to stay relevant at any cost, which is ironic because shes not even 25. I can only hope this marks the end of her already waning relevancy.


Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

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wish i could tell the cheerleaders at this youth football game that their cheers reflect a sexist patriarchy and they should change them before its too late.