basically i just wish that whenever i was given the advice to travel in groups at night as a young girl someone had instead told me that i dont owe anyone anything and that if someone makes me uncomfortable thats probably their fault.

kinda sucks to me that women’s bodies are always politicized. why is it a political act to choose to take or not take a nude photo? obviously the violation of those people’s privacy is a terrible thing, but other than that who cares?? like why does having a human naked body and taking an iphone pic of it have to be some inherently political or sexual act?? being anyone is complicated, but being a woman especially so.

v clearly talking about gollum. this person deserves death penalty right???

v clearly talking about gollum. this person deserves death penalty right???

someone today was like inferring that i know a lot about hair products but then they backpedaled and were like “no i just meant like you have cool hair” but then i was just trying to absolve them of feeling weird so i was like “yeah yeah yeah” before i heard what they said so it sounded basically like someone was like “you have cool hair” i was like “yeah”


When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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the only reason i paint my nails is cause if i dont i will bite them off like a lil rat is that a cool trait

people whose profile pictures are them with a string of ugly boyfriends and im like, “seems like you know what youre doing!”

the best part of mad men is when joan tells those shitty guys she hopes they die in vietnam.

I love jimi hendrix so much and yet will probably never be confident enough to buy a jimi hendrix poster.